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Promise House Pride Campaign
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Promise House Pride Campaign
Promise House Pride Campaign

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My Story

In 2016, Promise House was one of eight agencies chosen in the United States to pilot a transitional living home for homeless LGBTQ youth. Today, with only three months until the grant ends, we are at maximum capacity each night with a growing wait list that began opening week.

Our original demonstration grant ends in September 2018. With that deadline fast approaching, we need your help to continue providing life-saving support to youth like Daniel.

Daniel was rejected by his family for being gay at 17. He "couch-surfed" for months, not knowing where he would sleep next. With the burden of searching for shelter each night, Daniel quickly fell behind his school. His school counselor took notice and referred him to Promise House.

Prior to moving into the LGBTQ Group Home, Daniel did not know what it felt like to be surrounded by people who not only care about you but celebrate the whole you.

"Promise House is the closest thing I have to family and I really appreciate it all. You guys supported me and accepted me for me."

After four months of hard work and encouragement from his case manager, Daniel graduated on time with his class. Today, he is working full-time and exploring trade school and college options.

If you are able, a gift of $25, $50 or $100 will help ensure the LGBTQ Group Home is continued after the demonstration grant ends in September. Your gift will go directly to the LGBTQ Group Home so more youth like Daniel are given the opportunity to grow into proud, self-sufficient adults.

A generous supporter has agreed to match every dollar raised in June - up to $2,500.

The Pride Campaign is a key component in our efforts to fund this important program next year. Additionally, Promise House will direct unrestricted event dollars and Black Tie Dinner beneficiary funds to the LGBTQ Home, as well as regularly submit applications to private foundations, corporate foundations and state/federal agencies.

In the See Us Now Youth Survey, we found that 25% of homeless youth interviewed in Dallas identified as LGBTQ. This statistic alone shows us there are many more youth in our community who still need a safe and affirming place to sleep each night.

For more information about the Pride Campaign and Promise House, please contact Zach Bartush at zach.bartush@promisehouse.org

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Promise House Pride Campaign

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